Rice Dream Ice Cream Bites

I am hooked. Period.

Don't be afraid - they're actually really good!

Why have ice cream when I can have these little morsels of pure joy!

Usually I detest rice milk products. (Well, maybe detest is too strong of a word. How about mildly despise?) They are just watery and unflavorful to me. I say why bother when there's almond milk (sweet and smooth) or coconut milk (creamy and silky) to turn to for my dairy-free needs. So, the other day when it was 100+ outside and I was in need of a cold treat, I found these in the freezer aisle and decided to give them a try. They just looked so good (in spite of the whole rice milk thing.) Truthfully, I figured if I hated them - oops, I mean mildly despised them - I would just leave them for my husband to eat. He'll eventually eat almost anything in the fridge...

Only 11 left - what is a girl to do?

So, once home and feeling the California heat, I decided to try one. Mmmmm...dark chocolate followed by a light vanilla ice milk-like lightness. Perfection! Of course one led to two, and then three, and eventually 8...ok, maybe more like 15 BUT they're tiny so 15 make up one serving. Honest! I did however finish these little babies off in less than 72 hours...

I've yet to buy them again. I know doing so would be extremely dangerous...they're just that good! Take it from this rice milk (mild) despiser - you'll never know it's rice milk hiding in there, just pure awesomeness!

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