Origins Ginger Souffle is a Miracle Worker!

It's late so I'm going to make this post short and sweet. I've been asked to share what hand and body moisturizer I use. I like Origins Ginger Souffle. It healed my chapped, cracked hands like no other product has. The scent is heavenly and my skin stays hydrated for hours.

And if you are looking for a fragrance free lotion, Desert Essence Fragrance Free Lotion is a good choice (I cannot say enough good things about them!)

I feel I should also mention my favorite hand soap too since soap can dry out the hands to begin with (and gluten is in so many of them out there.) I like the South of France brand (and you can find it at Raley's and Cost Plus.) The Orange Blossom Honey is my favorite but there's a variety to choose from including shea, lavender and mint.

I promise not all of my posts will be about my favorite products! But if I can help someone out in some small way then I feel like this whole gluten experience has been worth while.

Wishing you all good health!

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